Discovery Bicycle Tours is celebrating its 40th year!  And Larry and Dawn are still here 25 years later!  We offer a huge choice of inn-to-inn bicycling vacations with over 150 start dates a year in the United States, Canada and Europe.  And unlike our competitors, we offer a large selection of shorter weekend tours in Vermont, Martha’s Vineyard and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

We are a small and family-owned company of folks who love what we do, look forward to coming to work each day and truly enjoy talking with each individual customer to help you make your best tour and travel decisions.  We are prejudiced, but feel that bicyclists are the very best people.  You are fun to talk to, fun to work with and fun to ride with.  And we know we are lucky to be in a business whose goal is to help you have a wonderful well-deserved memorable vacation.  We hope you have an opportunity to come join us on tour and see why our repeat customer rate exceeds 60% year after year!

Here’s a link to our 2013 online catalog if you’d like to take a look.



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  1. jackie gerard says:

    i can;t seem to find toyr prices??????

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