We value the word “yes” above all others

Welcome to our 40th year of leading bike tours!

Larry and Dawn for Catalog3Dawn and I think we have the best job on earth and not just because we get to ride our bikes and explore all sorts of new and exotic places (although that’s a pretty nice benefit), but also because we get to enjoy running a business that has been built and prospered around a set of family values and a shared community approach that makes working here a pleasure.

We continue to encourage a culture that values substance over flash, where our focus is on the individual guest’s experience rather than a preset “one-sized-fits-all” formula, and where each of us who works here has an equal and powerful voice in what we do and how we do it.

We are all about treating everyone personally (no voice mail menus await you when you call). Instead Heather, Tina, Pam, Dawn or I will pick up the phone with a full desire to please, to answer your questions and to work with you to create the best experience. And if you have a special request, or perhaps want more detailed information on a tour, just ask for Dawn or me. We are always directly accessible and happy to talk with you personally. You will find at Discovery Bicycle Tours we value the word “yes” above all others.

As many of you know, we are no longer the small, regional company we were 25 years ago (when we bought “Bike Vermont” from Bob McElwain), and yet our essential values and sense of community have not changed. We care about you as an individual, and we feel we make you an essential promise to give you the best tour experience possible. We know that a great trip to a wonderful place, with great food, spectacular scenery, superb accommodations and the best of guides, can be wonderful fun. But in the right hands, with the right company, it can even be a life-enhancing experience. The experience of a lifetime. And helping you have that experience is what we are all about.

Larry and Dawn Niles

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