Bicycle Tours 101 – Easier Than You Think… And How They Work!

“This was one of the best vacations ever – and I am very well traveled. What made this bike tour special was a superb combination of great rides, great places to stay, amazing food and exceptional company. A bike tour is thinking out of the box! Whether you travel alone or as a couple, you will come away thinking, “Geez that was amazing! I should have done this years ago!”  Adam G. 2014

Discovery Bicycle Tours (formerly Bike Vermont) continues to get the most wonderful, amazing, positively glowing feedback from our guests. For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy a bicycle tour (or for whatever reason are concerned about your ability level), please read below! Not only can you too do it…you will have the vacation of a lifetime!

Sunflower-cyclistsAlmost everyone can ride a bike. And that’s all you need to enjoy an inn-to-inn bicycle tour. It’s a great vacation – a healthy, affordable adventure, mixed with the comforts and hospitality of exceptional country inns, the delight of good food and pleasure of great company. And it’s easier than you think!

You ride at your own pace. No awards are given for finishing first in bicycle touring. The object of the game is to go at your own speed, to stop and enjoy the scenery, the villages, the people.

The “ride at your own pace” idea has made bicycle touring increasingly attractive to people of all ages and abilities. It’s really for everyone – couples, families, singles – and your enjoyment is not dependent on being in great shape. We tailor the trips to your ability and energy levels – and there is always the van to give you a lift.

An average day is about 25-30 miles. You don’t have to ride the whole way, as all days can be shortened if you want to do something else. For those who would like additional riding, there are optional miles almost every day that can add as much as 50 percent to the standard miles.

Our leaders and van take great care of you! Each tour has two tour leaders (unless it is a smaller tour and then there will be one leader) and there is always van support. Our vans carry your luggage, water to refill your bottle, snacks, purchases you make, and you, if you want a break from cycling. It is also a traveling bike shop carrying all kinds of tools and spare parts in case your bike needs some roadside attention.

Ride the most scenic, pleasurable and least-traveled biking routes available!  We do all of the route selection ourselves. This is a crucial part of your experience so be assured that every mile on every tour has been personally approved by us.

And bike tours are not only healthy, peaceful, comfortable and delicious, but affordable too! Discovery Bicycle Tours offers tours that range in length from weekend getaways (starting at $525) to their longest tour of El Camino de Santiago in Spain ($3295). There’s something for everyone! The tours tend to be small in size (never more than 20) and include dinners, breakfasts, lodging, taxes, gratuities, professional tour leaders, comprehensive maps and directions, full daily van support, high quality bicycle, helmets, free shuttles to and from the start of the tours, and depending on your tour, wine-tasting, professionally guided kayaking and entry fees to various sites. All you need to do is bring yourself…let us take care of everything!

Enjoyment of an inn-to-inn bicycling tour comes from the “total experience”. We suggest that you consider these essential factors when selecting a bike touring company for a quality experience.


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