Time for some bicycle safety tips!


Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Safety

Discovery Bicycle Tours takes bicycle safety very seriously. Safe bicycle riding is largely a matter of common sense. Following some relatively straight-forward rules for safety will help ensure that you are not the cause of any problems or accidents. Cyclists have a right to use the road, but this right carries the obligation to be responsible, alert and courteous – all the time – so that safe riding becomes a habit.




1. Wear a helmet!

2. Ride with the traffic in a straight line. Riding in a straight line is the single most important thing in safe country riding.

3. Ride single file. Riding single file is not only common sense, but also common courtesy to the other users of the roadway.  Please, never ride double. It is unsafe and hugely annoying to motorists.

4. Do not ride too close to the edge or shoulder of the road. If there is a wide shoulder, use it. If not, bike in a straight line one or two feet from the edge of the pavement. But please, do not hog the road. Yes, you have a legal right to be there, but you are not a car and do not need the space of a car.

5. Let cars get past! If you find yourself in a situation where a car cannot get by safely and they follow you (silently cursing perhaps!), just pull over, stop, and let them by.

6. Always ride under control. Keep several bike lengths between you and other cyclists. On downhills, spread out even more, and pump your brakes for control and effectiveness (particularly when the roads are wet).

7.  If you are off your bike, get you and your bike off of the road. Basic.  This eliminates many potential problem situations.

8. Think like a motorist. When you finish your ride, likely you will rejoin the ranks of people in a hurry driving cars. How would you like someone on a bicycle to react to you?

If you follow these rules, you will have done your share to assure that your ride is pleasant and free of annoyance from motorists around you. And you will have done your share to ensure that future cyclists might enjoy the same experience.

Follow us for more safety tips to come!

Also, if you are interested in learning about bicycle security, please check out what’s happening with Dropcam and their “Cycling Security” campaign.  If you have questions for them, please don’t hesitate to email Tiffany Pham, their Community Manager at (tpham(@)dropcam(.).com)

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