The Green Room

Green RoomAh, it’s late spring, and you’re out on the first long ride of the season. You’re drinking lots of water to stay properly hydrated, enjoying your ride on a quiet country road and….. Uh oh…… You have to pee !!! What to do?  Use the “Green Room” of course.

The “Green Room” refers to any convenient tree, bush, boulder, or similar object that is large enough to provide that little bit of privacy to do your business politely and conveniently!

A few hints.
1. Find an easily accessible spot.
2. Make sure it is private from all directions!
3. Make sure that the path to the spot, and the spot itself, is free from Poison Ivy!!! ( see guide below)
4. It’s always nice to have some TP with you if needed…. Much better than leaves… Esp Poison Ivy leaves
5. Check your legs for ticks after you’re back on the road.
6. For extra privacy….. Leave your bike on one side of the road ….. Find a “Green Room” on the other side of the road. Any passers-by will see the bike, wonder why it’s there, while you are having blessed relief at your secret location.
7. And lastly….. Don’t not drink water while riding because you are worried about not finding a bathroom on your ride … Dehydration is a sure-fire way to ruin an otherwise beautiful ride!

Poison Ivy

Bill Reuther for Discovery Bicycle Tours
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